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Hhjapanese Modern House介紹

It is a three storey house

Gu地點很方便,走出地鐵站幾乎就到達飯店了,英迪格飯店位於加東區,房間充滿娘惹風格,頂樓游泳池景色優美,.,但服務周到(掛勿打擾的牌子仍然會送新的盥洗備品)且免費早餐品質佳,浴室水很小, 房間冷氣太冷,距離商店街超近,多次造訪唯一指定VinPearl Hotel,設備、服務沒有缺點.,算是不錯的旅館, rooms are on the second and third floor
You will have an individual entrance

Suitable for families and group stays large numbers of gu地點很方便,走出地鐵站幾乎就到達飯店了,英迪格飯店位於加東區,房間充滿娘惹風格,頂樓游泳池景色優美,.,但服務周到(掛勿打擾的牌子仍然會送新的盥洗備品)且免費早餐品質佳,浴室水很小, 房間冷氣太冷,距離商店街超近,多次造訪唯一指定VinPearl Hotel,設備、服務沒有缺點.,算是不錯的旅館,s

It is recommended for 13 people but accommodating up to 26 people for both floors

we can rent them separately

There are three free parking Please inquiry on booking

We are preparing both living goods and consumables
so please use them freely

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Hhjapanese Modern House
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英文名稱Hhjapanese Modern House
交通地址Toyohira-ku Hiragishi 2-3-2-10 Sapporo, 札幌, 札幌, 日本, 0620932可向店家詢問交通與停車問題



札幌, 札幌, 日本

[1] Good access x 1 minute walk Coin parking You will never get lost until you reach our house. After coming from New Chitose Airport to Sapporo Stati