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In the Heian period, there was temple k95,值得推薦。,選雙床房有按摩椅非常貼心,有廚房、洗衣機、烘乾機、曬衣架⋯⋯等,空間很大,周邊不乏無料案內所等風月場所,早餐菜色雖然簡單、選擇不多,非常好的酒店, 早餐很不錯, 吃東西很方便,房間寬敞價格很合理,性價比很高,服務人員超好, 因為手機遺忘在房間, 人已經離開酒店在清邁, 沒想到酒店聯繫上我,然後把手機從拜縣送到清邁給我, 太感動了,第一次抵達繞了好大一圈,還扛了行李箱上天橋,n as the Kanabutsu-dera, meaning
“Temple of the Golden Buddha,” because a golden statue of the Buddha was enshrined there,
and this is how Nakakanabutsu-cho is said to have got its name.
In this area, close to Nishi Hoganji Temple, two machiya (traditional townhouse) inns emerged close together
in the place where many craftsmen of Buddhist altar fittings are said to have lived.
In the two inns, to the east and to the west, the theme of “gold,” used in temple architecture and Buddhist sculptures 
since ancient times as a symbol of “eternity” and “permanence,” is expressed in decorative materials that adorn the walls and the bed throws.
The brilliance and beauty of this gold is brought out by these simple Kyoto machiya townhouses
that are steeped in history.
Experience the tradition hidden deep in the brilliance and technique of these machiya townhouses,
and feel the charm that has permeated the bare beams and rustic columns over many years.

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Rinn Premium Machiya Kyoto Gojo1 Koki
Rinn Premium Machiya Kyoto Gojo1 Koki房間照片
住宿類型 飯店
英文名稱 Rinn Premium Machiya Kyoto Gojo1 Koki
交通地址 204-4 Nakakanabutsu-cho,Shimogyo-ku, 河原町, 京都, 日本, 600-8332可向店家詢問交通與停車問題
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