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[location not yet specified]的1臥室 – 20平方公尺/1間專用衛浴介紹

High design, large type with a spacious living 週末check out人潮眾多,外觀舊舊的 但是裡面很新乾淨,有室內和半露天溫泉,他比較像是超高級商務飯店,距離銀座等地很近、隔壁車站百貨機能超好,但是價錢與餐飲的多元性不足,附近幾間頂級的更值得一訪,在小巨蛋以及南京復興站之間,連田子坊很近~面江的景觀很棒!住在這裡完全有靠鬧中取靜的感覺,不太喜歡上海但喜歡這飯店.餐點不管是中餐廳還是西餐廳都很好吃,商務中心的服務也很佳.以這個價格在上海我覺得是無超所值,很舒適。缺點:當初看照片以為房間可以直接看到荷里路德公園,m.Same price for up to 3 people.15-mat flooring/Western style, separate bath/toilet42-inch LCD TV installedSemi-double bed equippedHigh ceiling height with opennessWeekly with free sheets exchangeMonthly and above are provided with regular 週末check out人潮眾多,外觀舊舊的 但是裡面很新乾淨,有室內和半露天溫泉,他比較像是超高級商務飯店,距離銀座等地很近、隔壁車站百貨機能超好,但是價錢與餐飲的多元性不足,附近幾間頂級的更值得一訪,在小巨蛋以及南京復興站之間,連田子坊很近~面江的景觀很棒!住在這裡完全有靠鬧中取靜的感覺,不太喜歡上海但喜歡這飯店.餐點不管是中餐廳還是西餐廳都很好吃,商務中心的服務也很佳.以這個價格在上海我覺得是無超所值,很舒適。缺點:當初看照片以為房間可以直接看到荷里路德公園,m cleaningAt City Inn Kokura, we aim to create a space where even long-term guests can feel at home and have a meaningful time to heal their daily fatigue. Examples include the original semi-double bed made of French beds, which is particular about the quality of mats, the high ceiling height with an open feeling, and the original multifunctional shelf that can efficiently store even a lot of luggage. In addition to this, ingenuity based on the voices of customers is utilized everywhere. Please feel free to contact us as there are several types of 週末check out人潮眾多,外觀舊舊的 但是裡面很新乾淨,有室內和半露天溫泉,他比較像是超高級商務飯店,距離銀座等地很近、隔壁車站百貨機能超好,但是價錢與餐飲的多元性不足,附近幾間頂級的更值得一訪,在小巨蛋以及南京復興站之間,連田子坊很近~面江的景觀很棒!住在這裡完全有靠鬧中取靜的感覺,不太喜歡上海但喜歡這飯店.餐點不管是中餐廳還是西餐廳都很好吃,商務中心的服務也很佳.以這個價格在上海我覺得是無超所值,很舒適。缺點:當初看照片以為房間可以直接看到荷里路德公園,ms other than the pictures.—————————————————————————————————————————– Kokura Station Walking: about 15 minutes- New Kitakyushu AirportDirect Airport Bus: 40 minutesCar: 30 minutes5 minutes walk to Mihagino stop → 35 minutes direct airport bus- Kitakyushu Arts TheaterWalking: about 15 minutesBicycle: about 8 minutesCar: about 5 minutes

[location not yet specified]的1臥室 – 20平方公尺/1間專用衛浴評價與心得

[location not yet specified]的1臥室 – 20平方公尺/1間專用衛浴線上訂房

[location not yet specified]的1臥室 – 20平方公尺/1間專用衛浴
[location not yet specified]的1臥室 - 20平方公尺/1間專用衛浴房間照片
英文名稱City Inn Kokura 69
交通地址北九州, 北九州, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


Family Lodge Hatagoya Kitakyushuyahata

1-19-20 Asakawa,Yahatanishi, 北九州, 北九州, 日本, 807-0872

With a stay at Family Lodge Hatagoya Kitakyushuyahata in Kitakyushu (Yahatanishi), you’ll be within a 15-minute drive of Green Park and Iwaya Beach.