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Izunagaoka Onsen Himenoyuso is located in Izunokuni and about 5 minutes by car from Izunagaoka Station, near Izunagaoka Onsen and Shuzenji. Yukata are a以香港鬧區來說房間算不錯大(可以打開2咖29吋行李箱)、去哪都很方便(離捷運站很近)唯獨美中不足、隔音真的不好 —.—\’\’在最後一晚、隔壁房入住一對情侶、男房客嗓門大一點都聽得很清楚對話內容、原本半夜12點要撥打去櫃檯、請服務人員轉達隔壁房請他們安靜、但一直都沒人接聽、直到半夜2點多才入睡>,便宜,地點也棒。就飯店設施較舊外及冬天時地熱不夠,還有廚房旁的椅子是長凳,走出去十分鐘有吃的,但其他都要坐車,我訂好房到現場,我堅持不給,真是不好。I booked a room to the scene, to add my price, I insisted to not give, and later gave me a room, but with my room set different, I set the window room, give me a window Room, do not refund the difference, really bad.,There was a washing machine so it\’s good that we washed our clothes there in the hotel for free. The hotel was in a so-so location, where you do not need to take any transports to the city centre but you need to walk for around 15~20 minutes. It was very near the Petronas Twin Tower. It was not ea,整個住宿感覺非常好,很舒適!,lable for guests to wear during their stay. Guests may borrow conveniences such as kettles at no additional charge (please inquire at the front desk for details). Facilities include an open-air bath and a communal bath. The hotel possesses 9 guest rooms.

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Izunagaoka Onsen Himenoyuso
Izunagaoka Onsen Himenoyuso房間照片
住宿類型 飯店
英文名稱 Izunagaoka Onsen Himenoyuso
交通地址 1138, KONA, IZUNOKUNI-SHI, SHIZUOKA, 410-2201, JAPAN, 伊豆之國, 伊豆, 日本, 410-2201可向店家詢問交通與停車問題
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