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RLiS_house Tsutenkaku – RLiS_house Tsutenkaku 602介紹

NEW OPEN !! Aim for “Tsutenkaku” from Exit 3 of E這是我一個人環島時住的地方,住過還想再住八百次的一百分民宿!新鮮美味現做的早餐讓人難以忘懷~游泳池超大,游泳玩水按摩都超棒的~老闆娘人很好,過去烈嶼(小金門)非常方便,早餐選擇多樣,很推薦大家,很感謝櫃檯服務人員幫我聯絡很多事情。希望以後還有機會住這裡。櫃檯到電梯中間有兩格樓梯,對行李很重的人可能比較不方便外,推薦給商務或自助的人喲~,地不平!床有毛髮!早餐簡單!是我睡過最不好的,就在車站附近,非常方便,廁所相對小很多,一切都是非常靠近車站顯得非常方便。,房間夠大,晚餐是自助餐,有酒類可以喝.浴場還不錯.,ucho Station. There is an apartment “@RLiS_house Tsutenkaku” where you can stay right next to you! -Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line “E這是我一個人環島時住的地方,住過還想再住八百次的一百分民宿!新鮮美味現做的早餐讓人難以忘懷~游泳池超大,游泳玩水按摩都超棒的~老闆娘人很好,過去烈嶼(小金門)非常方便,早餐選擇多樣,很推薦大家,很感謝櫃檯服務人員幫我聯絡很多事情。希望以後還有機會住這裡。櫃檯到電梯中間有兩格樓梯,對行李很重的人可能比較不方便外,推薦給商務或自助的人喲~,地不平!床有毛髮!早餐簡單!是我睡過最不好的,就在車站附近,非常方便,廁所相對小很多,一切都是非常靠近車站顯得非常方便。,房間夠大,晚餐是自助餐,有酒類可以喝.浴場還不錯.,ucho” station 1 minute walk. -Equipped with free Wi-Fi. -Introduced an automatic check-in system at the entrance! -A 3-minute walk to Tsutenkaku, a tourist attraction! -There are convenience stores, taverns, and fast food restaurants within walking distance. -Check-in is self-service, so you can check in anytime after 15:00. -An antiseptic solution is installed in the entrance hall, and all rooms are equipped with hand soap. Feel free to use it during your stay. [email protected]_house Tsutenkaku has adopted “Selfir” which is effective for antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, deodorant, toxic substance decomposition, and stain mitigation. -After check-out, all linen will be changed. (No additional amenities or linen changes during your stay.) -All rooms have a large refrigerator, microwa

RLiS_house Tsutenkaku – RLiS_house Tsutenkaku 602評價與心得

RLiS_house Tsutenkaku – RLiS_house Tsutenkaku 602線上訂房

RLiS_house Tsutenkaku – RLiS_house Tsutenkaku 602
RLiS_house Tsutenkaku - RLiS_house Tsutenkaku 602房間照片
住宿類型 公寓
英文名稱 RLiS_house Tsutenkaku – RLiS_house Tsutenkaku 602
交通地址 難波, 大阪, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題
公寓評分 0分
公寓評價 0則


心齋橋的1臥室公寓 – 25平方公尺/1間專用衛浴

心齋橋, 大阪, 日本

Super close to Shinsaibashi shopping street, Nipponbashi station.Shinsaibashi and Nippombashi Station is located in the middle of Osaka and it’s so c