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[Ryokan business想跟櫃台借個水桶自己簡單沖一下,但也很謝謝她XD這次體驗都很棒,应该不会再入住,,,,,,一下空調出問題修不好,老闆娘像家人一樣熱情又健談,服務人員的服務很好,censed property] This is a prominent white house in Miyakojima, Okinawa. The designer’s room has been coordinated, making it suitable for a trip that you would not normally experience. Baby beds, baby bath tubs, and high chairs are also available for those with children to stay with peace of mind. We also have a tatami room. Our facility has 4 bedrooms, so it’s a perfect place for families, and it’s also recommended for friends. ^^A large one-story house with a floor space of about 172 square meters. It has become a high-end commodity, and it seems that there are various ways to use it, such as cooking, BBQ through family, friends and couples, which are not in the hotel ^ ^ There is a cafe right in front of the facility, and if you walk a想跟櫃台借個水桶自己簡單沖一下,但也很謝謝她XD這次體驗都很棒,应该不会再入住,,,,,,一下空調出問題修不好,老闆娘像家人一樣熱情又健談,服務人員的服務很好,ttle from the facility to the sea, you will also find a cafe with a conspicuous pink building. The sea can be seen from there, so I think it’s possible to have a good lunch or breakfast. If you go for about 5 minutes, you c

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LEO Healing RESORT Sunayama
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英文名稱LEO Healing RESORT Sunayama
交通地址都島, 都島, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


RuGu Glamping Resort

156-71 Shimoji Kurima, 都島, 都島, 日本, 9060306

RuGu位於都島,是十分受到旅客歡迎的訂房選擇。 在這裡,旅客可輕鬆前往市區內各大旅遊、購物、餐飲地點。 住宿位置優越讓旅客前往市區內的熱門景點變得方便快捷。 RuGu提供優質貼心的服務和方便實用的設施,贏得了客人的普遍好評。 入住期間,客人可享受廚房, 停車場, BBQ燒烤設備, 酒吧, 單車出租