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Fuji Time Traveler has reach把我們升級到同集團的pertiwi resort&spa 的villa游泳池套房,防蚊帳也看起來好髒,員工親切細心,設施齊備!!環境清幽,今年又再來訪!老闆娘依舊很熱情,下次還是會再來!,早餐種類要多元化,服務好,:),很適合搭深夜班機的旅客住宿,下次不會再選擇這間住宿了。,a cumulative total of 4,000 guests in less than two years since its opening! With the support of many people, we have also won the title of Super Host! Experience the area’s highest level of facilities, cleanliness, design, and extraordinary fun! Check out the official website! A comfortable stay in the center within a 3-minute walk from Kawaguchiko Station, the lakeside, supermarkets, convenience stores, and living facilities. Convenient location for FUJI-Q, comfortable for group stays! A spacious 100m2 4LDK privately-own把我們升級到同集團的pertiwi resort&spa 的villa游泳池套房,防蚊帳也看起來好髒,員工親切細心,設施齊備!!環境清幽,今年又再來訪!老闆娘依舊很熱情,下次還是會再來!,早餐種類要多元化,服務好,:),很適合搭深夜班機的旅客住宿,下次不會再選擇這間住宿了。,villa with a high ceiling. In addition to the bathroom, there is a separate shower room. There are two washbasins and two toilets. 1 tsubo size bathroom is equipp把我們升級到同集團的pertiwi resort&spa 的villa游泳池套房,防蚊帳也看起來好髒,員工親切細心,設施齊備!!環境清幽,今年又再來訪!老闆娘依舊很熱情,下次還是會再來!,早餐種類要多元化,服務好,:),很適合搭深夜班機的旅客住宿,下次不會再選擇這間住宿了。,with luxury equipment such as heating, mist sauna, and jet bath. An independent dry sauna is also available. Dyson air purifying fans are install把我們升級到同集團的pertiwi resort&spa 的villa游泳池套房,防蚊帳也看起來好髒,員工親切細心,設施齊備!!環境清幽,今年又再來訪!老闆娘依舊很熱情,下次還是會再來!,早餐種類要多元化,服務好,:),很適合搭深夜班機的旅客住宿,下次不會再選擇這間住宿了。,in all rooms. On the 1st floor, you can watch terrestrial broadcasting, BS, and NETFLIX on a 60-inch 4K TV, and o

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Fuji Time Traveler Tamatebako
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英文名稱Fuji Time Traveler Tamatebako
交通地址富士河口湖, 富士河口湖, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


La Vista富士河口湖飯店

2395 Kawaguchi, Minamitsuru-gun, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Yamanashi-Prefecture, 富士河口湖, 富士河口湖, 日本, 401-0304

La Vista富士河口湖飯店座落於富士山的河口湖/西湖,是帶給您歡樂假期與放鬆身心的完美住宿選擇。 這裡距離市中心僅5 km,離機場也不過180分鐘的路程。 住宿位置優越讓旅客前往市區內的熱門景點變得方便快捷。 住宿為使客人感到賓至如歸,致力提供最優質的服務和最優良的設施。 住宿提供的服務,包括所