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Capacity: 1-2 adults We have devised various ways for our guests to stay at home. Room type: Tatami room U早上六點多就有人在走廊上講話員工也不會請他們小聲點… 因為員工英文程度很差..幾乎沒有一個會講…然後也沒有提供機場叫車服務…大至上下次來清邁不會住這裡了,冷氣溫度過低且無法調整,整個房子地板是斜的,非常可怕的住宿經驗,所以要指定二樓有陽台的房間。,早上易被吵醒,clean room and kindly people, good wifi and service. However, I can only have a cold bath after an exhausting day. I also wait for the pickup over 30 min in the airport. (the hotel told me there would be one person holding a board waiting for me, but there was no one and I called by myself)乾淨的房間和友,地點很方便 就在Gaya street上,地點好,住宿環境乾淨且舒適,但會建議有些設施可以考慮再做替換會更好些,離道後溫泉超超近 ! 交誼空間大, 床位數不多, 很棒 ~,雖然三人房空間不大但是放兩個大行李是可以的, bath, kitchen, with veranda Refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine and other household appliances, toothbrush, towels, detergent and other daily necessities are available, so you can stay easily. I will.

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Forest guest house
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英文名稱Forest guest house
交通地址大阪市南部, 大阪, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


大阪市東部的4臥室獨棟住宅 – 120平方公尺/0間專用衛浴

東大阪市, 大阪, 日本

Our house is located in the place which is just 210 meters away from the big transportation junction—Tsuruhashi Station which is combining JR Statio