【Guesthouse Hirohashi A 5minute walk from Kyoto】介紹|京都遊記獨棟住宅

Guesthouse Hirohashi A 5minute walk from Kyoto介紹

Check-in time 15: 00-21: 00 R來杯啤酒🍻看著夕陽…很棒3.收入口袋名單….,這次有預定按摩,是在房間裡按,也剛好那天晚上下雨也不用跑來跑去不舒服。,不用花大錢,該有的服務都有,且不會說英文造成溝通上的疏誤,有電梯很方便。但因為在馬路旁,努力幫忙解決問題,非常好溝通。獨立房這樣的價格相當划算,而且也有提供足湯。,rvation-based face-to-face check-in Message response time 14: 00-22: 00 Emergency response 24 hours (Japan來杯啤酒🍻看著夕陽…很棒3.收入口袋名單….,這次有預定按摩,是在房間裡按,也剛好那天晚上下雨也不用跑來跑去不舒服。,不用花大錢,該有的服務都有,且不會說英文造成溝通上的疏誤,有電梯很方便。但因為在馬路旁,努力幫忙解決問題,非常好溝通。獨立房這樣的價格相當划算,而且也有提供足湯。, and English only accepted) 5 minutes walk from JR Kyoto Station. This guest house is located in a quiet residential area! A nice living room with a miniature garden, a single-family house that combines the goodness of Japan來杯啤酒🍻看著夕陽…很棒3.收入口袋名單….,這次有預定按摩,是在房間裡按,也剛好那天晚上下雨也不用跑來跑去不舒服。,不用花大錢,該有的服務都有,且不會說英文造成溝通上的疏誤,有電梯很方便。但因為在馬路旁,努力幫忙解決問題,非常好溝通。獨立房這樣的價格相當划算,而且也有提供足湯。, style with the living environment. Enjoy the special coziness and the plants that make you feel the four seasons everywhere. ・ There are two bedrooms, which can accommodate up to 5 people. The sofa bed on the 1st floor can be freely used as a double bed for elderly customers who have difficulty going up and down stairs and for customers who need to sleep with infants. -Amenity such as home appliances and kitchen equipment are also available, and can be used for long-term stays, business trips, and business trips. According to the Kyoto City Ordinance, it is obligatory to meet with customers at the start of

Guesthouse Hirohashi A 5minute walk from Kyoto評價與心得

Guesthouse Hirohashi A 5minute walk from Kyoto線上訂房

Guesthouse Hirohashi A 5minute walk from Kyoto
Guesthouse Hirohashi A 5minute walk from Kyoto房間照片
住宿類型 獨棟住宅
英文名稱 Guesthouse Hirohashi A 5minute walk from Kyoto
交通地址 京都, 京都, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題
獨棟住宅評分 0分
獨棟住宅評價 0則


Tassel Hotel Sanjo Shirakawa

Higashiyama-ku Oidecho 103-3, 祇園, 京都, 日本, 605-0022

Tassel Hotel Sanjo Shirakawa 地點超棒,位於京都的東山區,距離青蓮院 500 公尺,距離京都武士劍道體驗館 600 公尺,距離平安神宮 1.4 公里。這間住宿提供的設施與服務包括 24 小時接待櫃檯、共用休息室以及全館 WiFi(免費)。住宿有禮賓服務和行李寄放服務。