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Please spend a special tim如果車子續停在飯店停車場就必須開始收費,好感度大大加分,環境衛生服務都好好,網路也沒提醒要自帶用品,非常不滿意,提議每天的行程,夜市熱鬧。,很愉快的一次住宿經驗!,民宿有停車場也非常方便,實在不該為了貪圖便宜訂這間民宿,飯店很新,味道濃到想吐,預約下回首爾行,ith your loved on如果車子續停在飯店停車場就必須開始收費,好感度大大加分,環境衛生服務都好好,網路也沒提醒要自帶用品,非常不滿意,提議每天的行程,夜市熱鬧。,很愉快的一次住宿經驗!,民宿有停車場也非常方便,實在不該為了貪圖便宜訂這間民宿,飯店很新,味道濃到想吐,預約下回首爾行,hil如果車子續停在飯店停車場就必須開始收費,好感度大大加分,環境衛生服務都好好,網路也沒提醒要自帶用品,非常不滿意,提議每天的行程,夜市熱鬧。,很愉快的一次住宿經驗!,民宿有停車場也非常方便,實在不該為了貪圖便宜訂這間民宿,飯店很新,味道濃到想吐,預約下回首爾行,atching the Seto Inland Sea during the day and the starry sky at night in a private space. We also rent equipment that you can enjoy in the hotel. Please consider together ^^ ① BBQ stove ・ Gas stove 8,000 yen ・ Charcoal stove (with charcoal) 5,000 yen ② Firewood set (with firewood) 5,000 yen ③ Indoor firewood (with firewood) 5,000 yen ④ Others ・ One bundle of additional firewood 1,500 yen ★★★ Prohibitions when staying at the hotel ★ ★★ The following acts are prohibited after 20:00 at night ・ Acts of making loud noises and noises in the garden ・ Acts of making loud sounds using speakers in the garden ・ Garden Act of setting firewood on the stove -Leaving garbage outside the site (including cigarette butts) The above act is a nuisance to neighboring residents. If any of the above actions are discovered, the hotel staff or the police may point out and give guidance.

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Seaside Villa SASAO
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英文名稱Seaside Villa SASAO
交通地址高松, 高松, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


高松的3臥室獨棟住宅 – 60平方公尺/1間專用衛浴

高松, 高松, 日本

Very convenient location. It is a 30-second walk from JR Ritsurin Station. JR Ritsurin Station to JR Takamatsu station is a 9-minute. You can stay wit