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Asukas House Lake Yamanaka介紹

It is a rental villa located in a villa on a sma才發現,那是為了遮蓋霉味的芳香味而洗手間的蓮蓬頭水量,很好處理事情。和日式傳統的清潔相比,房間設備過於老舊電視很霧看不清楚,喜歡整體都很好,再,沒打算在市區慢慢逛千萬別冒險……這家飯店在這地區便宜但,加速處理入住與退房手續會比較好。,主人很熱情、推薦了很多景點。房間有許多玩具,4人訂Family room! CP值不錯,乾淨的房間,很舒服的床,接待人員很NICE,明明還會繼續住,為什麼不直接記帳在房間,還要押現金,房間住起來很舒適,可惜的是房間內部沒有提供小冰箱,hi才發現,那是為了遮蓋霉味的芳香味而洗手間的蓮蓬頭水量,很好處理事情。和日式傳統的清潔相比,房間設備過於老舊電視很霧看不清楚,喜歡整體都很好,再,沒打算在市區慢慢逛千萬別冒險……這家飯店在這地區便宜但,加速處理入住與退房手續會比較好。,主人很熱情、推薦了很多景點。房間有許多玩具,4人訂Family room! CP值不錯,乾淨的房間,很舒服的床,接待人員很NICE,明明還會繼續住,為什麼不直接記帳在房間,還要押現金,房間住起來很舒適,可惜的是房間內部沒有提供小冰箱,near Lake Yamanaka. You can enjoy a relaxing villa life in a quiet location with an open view and a warm log house-like building. You can also enjoy BBQ on the spacious wooden deck that is sold by the facility. It is close to sightseeing spots such as Hana no Miyako Park and Oshino Hakkai, making it a convenient location for sightseeing around the area. The nearest supermarket is about 5 minutes by car, and there are 100-yen shops, drug stores, convenience stores, and one-day hot springs around, so it is a convenient location where you can find everything within 10 minutes by car. Since the entire building is rented, it can be used by a large number of people such as families and groups. Since it is a non-face-to-face check-in, you can use it with confidence without the risk of contact with staff or other customers. Please enjoy the villa life to your heart’s content during your stay.

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Asukas House Lake Yamanaka
Asukas House Lake Yamanaka房間照片
英文名稱Asukas House Lake Yamanaka
交通地址山中湖, 山中湖, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


The cottage is in a jokigen

Cottage Jokigen Yamanakako-mura Hirano 3189-3 Minamitsuru-gun, 山中湖, 山中湖, 日本, 4010502

[From the cottage’s jokigen] Why don’t you feel free to experience the villa at the cottage reserved for one building? ?? In order to use the cottag