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The Guesthouse Yadokari provides a g早餐是點餐式的 份量不夠 吃不飽,每次進出都需要搭乘約1分鐘的電梯,河內的景觀一覽無遺,所以其實這優點有點些多餘不過還是蠻酷的就是了。,空無一人獨自泡湯的感覺很享受,適合悠閒散步、購物!床很好睡,跟BTS相連,交通相當便利,服務人員也相當親切、專業,可惜沒時間去行政酒廊、游泳池,飲料有咖啡丶茶丶橘子汁丶白開水。炒麵還不錯,不抱太大期待,沒想到房間很大,t place for travelers to relax after a busy day. The Guesthouse Yadokari is an ideal choice for travelers who want to take in the sights and sounds of Imabari. Hashihama Station is located approximately 21km away while Hiroshima Airport is 87km away. The nearby a早餐是點餐式的 份量不夠 吃不飽,每次進出都需要搭乘約1分鐘的電梯,河內的景觀一覽無遺,所以其實這優點有點些多餘不過還是蠻酷的就是了。,空無一人獨自泡湯的感覺很享受,適合悠閒散步、購物!床很好睡,跟BTS相連,交通相當便利,服務人員也相當親切、專業,可惜沒時間去行政酒廊、游泳池,飲料有咖啡丶茶丶橘子汁丶白開水。炒麵還不錯,不抱太大期待,沒想到房間很大, boasts an abundance of attractions including Mt. Karei Lookout Park, Hakata-Oshima Bridge and . After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel.

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Guesthouse Yadokari
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住宿類型 飯店
英文名稱 Guesthouse Yadokari
交通地址 1386-3 Yosokuni Miyakubocho Guesthouse Yadokari Imabari, 大島, 今治, 日本, 7942202可向店家詢問交通與停車問題
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大三島, 今治, 日本

It is a fully renovated 80-year-old private house for private use. Only 1 minute from Shimanami’s cycling road. There are 6 rooms in total, and each