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FACEYA – Singlefamily private cottage介紹

It is an old folk house-style building within walkin房間皆雅房但很大 舒適,澡堂有兩個淋浴及一個 澡池可泡澡,因為日本人的英文有太重的怪腔調不容易聽懂,結果去到那才發現飯店是把單人房當成雙人房在賣,這裡不錯,附近也有好吃的。,性價比算很好的!下午會再考慮入住~,餐廳選項多,活動也多,對於住在台北的人, 若是很早有好料, 恐怕得非常早起趕路過來, 無疑是一件很辛苦的事, 所以不如提早入住這間旅館, 可以有充分的休息, 也不怕會錯過一大早的好料.,員工很親切,我很慶幸本來要跟我住的朋友臨時有事情無法前來,訂到這樣的房間跟人出來旅遊我覺得會讓人不太愉快,表面上好像疫,istance to the city. Convenience stores and local supermarkets are within 5 to 7 minutes, making it a convenient place to live. While reproducing the Okinawan building with red tile roofs and ceilings so as not to spoil the old-fashioned streets of Ishigaki City, the latest equipment for sound insulation, heat insulation, ventilation, and air conditioning is included. You can spend your time with peace of mind without having to interact with others. In Ishigaki, a house with a red tile roof is called “Karaya”. It is the origin of the name CARA-YA. Spanish and Portuguese CARA is also used to mean “expensive” and “dear”. We named it CARA-YA with the same feelings for our customers.

FACEYA – Singlefamily private cottage評價與心得

FACEYA – Singlefamily private cottage線上訂房

FACEYA – Singlefamily private cottage
FACEYA - Singlefamily private cottage房間照片
英文名稱FACEYA – Singlefamily private cottage
交通地址石垣島, 石垣, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


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Guesthouse ConnectGuesthouse Connect是體驗石垣及其周圍地區的理想住所。本飯店位置便利,旅客可以輕鬆前往這座城市的必訪景點。Guesthouse Connect提供完善的設施服務,讓您享受無憂無慮的度假時光。 住宿期間可使用免費Wi-Fi,和親朋好友保持聯絡。 住客