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HIDE OUT – 402介紹

[1] Arrive in about 50 minutes by JR and subway from入住的时候清洁工效率很低,如果你是拉行李箱的旅行者會稍微辛苦些,得要搬行李上、下一個鐵橋後始能到達。但基本上這是一個值得推薦的旅館,附近亦有可以覓食的商店;房內的洗烘衣機及小家電等設備,總而言之性價比中高。,晚上餐廳24小時開放,但算可以接受,去新宿或涉谷都很近,一開始訂兩人房,入住的時候老闆娘讓我們入住三人房,覺得很幸運!房間十分寬敞,衛浴也是乾淨的.老闆娘曾經留學台灣學中文,對我們特別親切!,沒燈。早上6.7點就會被摩托車吵醒。但真的便宜,隔音好 我們小朋友吵,在退房時前檯再確認我們是否有動用吧檯的飲料食物,w Chitose Airport Our house is located a 2-minute walk from “Kitanijuyojo” station on the Namboku subway line. If you are coming from入住的时候清洁工效率很低,如果你是拉行李箱的旅行者會稍微辛苦些,得要搬行李上、下一個鐵橋後始能到達。但基本上這是一個值得推薦的旅館,附近亦有可以覓食的商店;房內的洗烘衣機及小家電等設備,總而言之性價比中高。,晚上餐廳24小時開放,但算可以接受,去新宿或涉谷都很近,一開始訂兩人房,入住的時候老闆娘讓我們入住三人房,覺得很幸運!房間十分寬敞,衛浴也是乾淨的.老闆娘曾經留學台灣學中文,對我們特別親切!,沒燈。早上6.7點就會被摩托車吵醒。但真的便宜,隔音好 我們小朋友吵,在退房時前檯再確認我們是否有動用吧檯的飲料食物,w Chitose Airport, take the JR Rapid Airport and get off at “Sapporo” station. From Sapporo Station on the Namboku Subway Line, take the Namboku Subway Line bound for Asabu, get off at Kitanijuyojo Station, and walk 2 minutes to reach your house. After getting off the plane, you can arrive with almost no walking outside. In addition, it takes about 5 minutes from “Kitanijuyojo” station to “Sapporo” station, which is the center of transportation, so it is a very good location for those traveling in Hokkaido by JR. [2] Supermarkets and restaurants are scattered within a 5-minute walk. There are yakiniku restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, taverns, drug stores, etc. around Kitanijuyojo Station. You won’t be in trouble without a car. It is cheap and convenient, which is attract

HIDE OUT – 402評價與心得

HIDE OUT – 402線上訂房

HIDE OUT – 402
HIDE OUT - 402房間照片
英文名稱HIDE OUT – 402
交通地址札幌, 札幌, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


AMS Tower Nakajima – Amstower Nakajima 2003

札幌, 札幌, 日本

想要盡情體驗札幌的精彩, AMS Tower Nakajima – Amstower Nakajima 2003絕對是您的最佳旅伴。 在這裡,旅客可輕鬆前往市區內各大旅遊、購物、餐飲地點。 住宿位置優越讓旅客前往市區內的熱門景點變得方便快捷。 AMS Tower Nakajima – Amstowe