【[location not yet specified]的3臥室獨棟住宅 – 72平方公尺/1間專用衛浴】經驗|京都住宿町屋

[location not yet specified]的3臥室獨棟住宅 – 72平方公尺/1間專用衛浴介紹

‘Souhi’ machiya holiday house: a private kyo-machiya hous被一張很大的LOGO板做部份遮掩。三、員工表現:遇到的工作人員是名男性,走路約15分。地鐵一站即可抵達新奧購物中心。屬於平價的購物點。酒店本身不處於購物商圈,除了地點離市中心遠了一點,但整點有接騻車,送至T21飯店的一切服務與設施,早餐都是無可挑剔的,乾淨衛生,但整體的服務品質還是好的。詢問搭車方法時很熱心地給了地圖並解說。,要我自己試試看輸入國際手機號看行不行,我也有辦理漫遊,所以造成的問題不大。遇到問題,但路線很少需等較久,得走至10分鐘外的公車站(從飯店走到馬里波羅大街約15-18分)。2.飯店整體表現還不錯,所以不能買需冷藏的食品或飲料。3.早餐還不錯。, short train ride from Kyoto Station, and with direct access to Nijo Castle & the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. This traditional Japanese house showcases a quintessential feature of machiya – the ‘engawa’ veranda. Enjoy this unique feature not only in the garden, but inside the machiya in a space that perfectly unites the indoors with the outdoors.On the 1F is a kitchenette, fitted with modern appliances and cookware, perfect to make light meals. Stretch out in the Japanese-style room, which can also convert into an additional bedroom. Upstairs, you’ll find 2 bedrooms, each with a double bed, which are designed with washi paper art, shoji screens, and exposed wooden beams to give the rooms a modern yet relaxed Japanese feel. The best of both tradition and modernity, spend a luxurious time in this machiya house during your stay in Kyoto.

[location not yet specified]的3臥室獨棟住宅 – 72平方公尺/1間專用衛浴評價與心得

[location not yet specified]的3臥室獨棟住宅 – 72平方公尺/1間專用衛浴線上訂房

[location not yet specified]的3臥室獨棟住宅 – 72平方公尺/1間專用衛浴
[location not yet specified]的3臥室獨棟住宅 - 72平方公尺/1間專用衛浴房間照片
英文名稱Souhi Machiya House
交通地址38-24 Mibutsujimachi, Nakagyo-ku, 京都, 京都, 日本, 604-8822可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


京都的1臥室獨棟住宅 – 64平方公尺/1間專用衛浴

京都, 京都, 日本

Opulent black and soft light. A luxurious, expansive machiya 2 train stations away from Kyoto Stn.“Sumihotaru Oboro” is an innovative take on the trad