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The Hatago Building, which was bui隔音有待加強,離逢甲夜市不會太遠 放行李用robot的好帥!我們冷氣有問題也馬上幫我們換房 服務讚!沒有服務員的飯店 用電話打給服務人的比較麻煩可是也不錯啦~ 房間+服務也🆗 ~,按摩完畢後便可步行回酒店休息,泳池設計也很小,適合商務旅客住,安靜,幾乎用不了。,冷氣不冷,位置很優越,導致睡不好,美中不足是晚餐 (Buffet) 價格偏高。,by the wooden frame construction method, which is a traditional Japanese construction method using columns and beams, allows people all over the world to experience the style that Japan is proud of. We paid particular attention to fine details such as near the windows. In the Hatago Building, which consists of four buildings, you can experience the sophisticated world view produced by the tenants on the first floor of each building in each guest room. You can easily enjoy preparation that you cannot experience in your daily life on a family trip or a group trip.

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Vison Hotel Hatago
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英文名稱Vison Hotel Hatago
交通地址5 Hatago Vison, sansebasuchandori, 672-1 Vison, taki-cho, 伊勢, 伊勢, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


Ise Meisei no Yado – Inn 1

明和, 伊勢, 日本

・ The inn is located in the Japanese heritage town of Meiwa (between Ise and Matsusaka) and is a 2-minute walk from Myojo Station. It is also close to