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It is a 5-minute drive from Nis什麼都好,就是要去道頓掘要走一小段路黑門市場到是很近,走路3分鐘到達但黑門市場品質真的很不好,地點不錯,其他都一般吧,還跟飯店人員借,這點還不錯。,設備很齊全,酒店有停車場可泊950yen一晚,但內裝明顯看出是老舊設施,晚餐可提供預約,飯店有提供雪具租借也很方便。住宿的部分也有接駁車提供越後湯澤站到飯店的服務, Village and a 3-minute drive from Milk Factory, and has free parking. Hikari Apartment is located in the middle of three large new buildings. Sophisticated exterior and interior, rooms are on-suite, one room has toilet, shower or bath, so you can spend a relaxing and private time. The ceiling is high and the windows are large, so there is a feeling of openness, and it is an all-floor heating room, a room with bright light, a living room, and a healing space wherever you are. The kitchen is equipped with rice cookers, toasters, tableware, etc. so that you can stay for a long time. One way to enjoy it is to purchase local ingredients and cook.

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Newly built stylish – Stylish new chalet線上訂房

Newly built stylish – Stylish new chalet
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英文名稱Newly built stylish – Stylish new chalet
交通地址新雪谷/二世谷, 新雪谷/二世谷, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題



俱知安町, 新雪谷/二世谷, 日本

Located in the western part of Hirafu Village, Mangets is a very quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle and very relaxing. The interior is unifi