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A villa for rent, where you can stay as if you were living on a remote isla房間乾淨,有浴缸讓人驚艷有空調、飲水機方便,很棒,距離湖邊或是前往其他景點十分方便。唯一旅舍沒有提供免費接機服務,單趟收費800盧比。只有大廳提供免費Wifi,衛生乾淨。另外也可以幫忙安排租車到其他地方旅遊。,但整個上海很多公共場所都還沒禁菸,美中不足是浴室玻璃門卡卡的。4.清潔度個人覺得還OK,適合純住宿哦!!,老闆很熱情 會講中文 可租摩托車一天250元近夜市,優點:家具齊全,能洗衣煮東西,離地鐵近. 缺點:wify不穩定,床材質較差.,The new hotel beside Mt. Tapyas hillside and all rooms are facing Coron bay. Especially the staff are kind and enthusiastically.這是一間新穎的飯店,飯店設施齊全,澡鹽讚啦, With a 3-story loft with a simple white and black interior. The interior is made of solid wood, and the living room is a colonnade that makes the most of the warmth of the wood, and the beautiful sea view from the window makes you feel calm as if you weren’t here for the first time. Will be. By burning the fireplace, you can stay warm and comfortable even in winter. Enjoy a relaxing retreat experience in the open-air bath and sauna on the terrace with an ocean view, and enjoy fresh seafood, Iki beef, and vegetables from Iki Island at the covered BBQ facility. At Dog Run, you can bring your important family dog with you. Amenity and minibar are free, the finest Imabari towels, repronizer 7D Plus for hair dryer, and isop for shampoo. For activities, you can rent electric tuk-tuk, road bike, surfboard, fishing rod, snorkel set for free, and for traveling around the island, you can arrange paid rental such as

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ritomaru villa hatsuyama iki
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英文名稱ritomaru villa hatsuyama iki
交通地址壹岐, 壹岐, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


Seaside Inn Hakuo

1899-2, Tsutsuki Higashifure, Ishida-cho, Iki city, Nagasaki 811-5203, Japan, 壹岐, 壹岐, 日本, 811-5203

Located 3 minutes on foot from Tsutsukihama bathing beach, it is an at-home bed and breakfast where you can enjoy nature of Iki and well-reputed meals