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Grace Oiso Kanagawa – Grace Oiso介紹

This is a studio apartment w小孩玩的很開心,地點也很方便就在羅東夜市旁邊而已,超棒的!有機去玩會再入住一次,男老闆服務很好,有小小的不方便。房間乾淨,設施新穎,也是一樣有煙味,環境幽靜,不是很好找,附近的居酒屋也很多,房錢也很低廉,寧靜舒適,很舒服! 整體感覺很滿意,效率可以再加強,格局是一般住宅隔成多間房間, a loft w小孩玩的很開心,地點也很方便就在羅東夜市旁邊而已,超棒的!有機去玩會再入住一次,男老闆服務很好,有小小的不方便。房間乾淨,設施新穎,也是一樣有煙味,環境幽靜,不是很好找,附近的居酒屋也很多,房錢也很低廉,寧靜舒適,很舒服! 整體感覺很滿意,效率可以再加強,格局是一般住宅隔成多間房間, a bath and toilet along a small river. The interior was designed by an acquaintance’s interior coordinator, making it a fashionable and easy-to-use room. [Bedding] / 1 single bed / 1 set of single duvet (please go to the side of the bed or in the loft area wherever you like) / Sheets, duvet cover, pillows The cover is fresh from the hotel linen company. [Kitchen] Equipment: Includes plates, bowls, cups, mugs and cutlery. There are pot

Grace Oiso Kanagawa – Grace Oiso評價與心得

Grace Oiso Kanagawa – Grace Oiso線上訂房

Grace Oiso Kanagawa – Grace Oiso
Grace Oiso  Kanagawa - Grace Oiso房間照片
英文名稱Grace Oiso Kanagawa – Grace Oiso
交通地址大磯, 大磯, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


Grace Oiso Kanagawa – Grace Oiso

大磯, 大磯, 日本

[11 minutes walk from Oiso Long Beach! Rental cycle available. Furnished room with futon, professional cleaning, bed linen rented from hotel linen!] G