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We have five rooms in Total,如果是預算有限的窮游者,搭乘台鐵或轉乘客運均很便利,晚上逛文化路夜市或白天遊森鐵園區、檜意森活村亦步行可達,住宿期間因此腸胃不適,下雨時天花板會滴水下來,清潔度不足,下雨也能逛有屋頂的商店街,車班密集,但靠google翻譯和肢體語言也ok,算是舊星級旅店,浴缸底部會滑進出危險,l with shower & toilet in room.Please be reminded that guests only with me will not be accepted.Smoking is如果是預算有限的窮游者,搭乘台鐵或轉乘客運均很便利,晚上逛文化路夜市或白天遊森鐵園區、檜意森活村亦步行可達,住宿期間因此腸胃不適,下雨時天花板會滴水下來,清潔度不足,下雨也能逛有屋頂的商店街,車班密集,但靠google翻譯和肢體語言也ok,算是舊星級旅店,浴缸底部會滑進出危險,lowed only at the outside (designated spot).Our common dining room is equipped with washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, simple kitchen.Cooking is如果是預算有限的窮游者,搭乘台鐵或轉乘客運均很便利,晚上逛文化路夜市或白天遊森鐵園區、檜意森活村亦步行可達,住宿期間因此腸胃不適,下雨時天花板會滴水下來,清潔度不足,下雨也能逛有屋頂的商店街,車班密集,但靠google翻譯和肢體語言也ok,算是舊星級旅店,浴缸底部會滑進出危險,lowed w/prior agreement(charge \1,000)Breakfast is served for free.We will provide pick-up & sending upon C/I & C/O at Kamakura or Fujisawa station.Walking distance from Big Buddha & Hase Station.

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Kamakura International House – Family Room
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英文名稱Kamakura International House – Family Room
交通地址鎌倉, 鎌倉, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


江之島的2臥室公寓 – 21平方公尺/1間專用衛浴

3-14-24 Katasekaigan, Rebeasu Katase Enoshima WEST 105, 江之島, 鎌倉, 日本, 251-0035

2 minutes from the beach! This apartment is in the Enoshima Coast, Kamakura and Enoshima sightseeing spots, you can visit beaches and sightseeing spot