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Looking down at the Seto I跟我聯絡叫我回去住,很熱議幫助我們解決任何問題。第二晚還免費載我們去火車站,幫我們把行李搬上火車廂,也很客氣。在幽靜得環境裡,这点还蛮不错的。缺点没泳池,睡眠不好者不建議住此,完全無法好好睡覺?隔音真的太差了,泳池 讚👍,晚上10點後熱水比較不熱,會麻煩點…,nd Sea from the inn, I feel naturally warm. First of all, why don’t you sit down on the porch and drink tea? We are waiting for you with a large old folk house built in the first year of Showa. ★ Our inn is located in a remote island area. Therefore, please come to the island by liner (Bisan Ferry). ★ The last ship will be at 17:30, so please be careful not to miss the train. Please note that we cannot refund the accommodation fee due to delay in boarding the ship for your own convenience. ★ The kitchen, bath, and hand washing will be shared with the host.

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Island travel farm on the banks
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英文名稱Island travel farm on the banks
交通地址Island Travel Farm “On the Bank” / Guesthouse Hoto Hiroshima Machi 247 Marugame, 丸龜, 丸龜, 日本, 7630102可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


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1-15, Nishihama, Tadotsu-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa 764-0015, Japan, 多度津, 丸龜, 日本, 764-0015

Situated in a Tadotsu town known for the railroad and a gate of the sea, it is an old folk house accommodation you can enjoy stay among the old fashio