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The Marvelous Higashioi對面家阿嬤們早上閒話家常非常大聲非常吵🥲 但屋內十分完美,酒店位置超好,員工熱心幫助,若能改善熱水供應系統,物超所值,整體方便性是推薦入住前臺的態度比較冷,但是房內燈光有一點暗。,有冷暖氣,份量不多,如果是一早要登山的人須考慮一下,ovides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. Visitors to Tokyo will find that the Marvelous Higashioi is a fantastic accommodation choice. The hotel is conveniently located just 7km from Haneda Airport and 7km from Tokyo Teleport Station. Just a short walk from Oi Keibajo Mae Metro Station, traveling to most city destinations is a breeze. Keeping busy is easy, with Shinagawa Hanakaido Mizube Hiroba, Oi Park and The Grave of Yamauchi Toyoshige all nearby. After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel.

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Marvelous Higashioi
Marvelous Higashioi房間照片
住宿類型 飯店
英文名稱 Marvelous Higashioi
交通地址 Higashioi 4-7-7 Marvelous Higashioi Shinagawa-ku, 品川, 東京, 日本, 1400011可向店家詢問交通與停車問題
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世田谷區的1臥室公寓 – 47平方公尺/1間專用衛浴

3 Chome-14 Kaminoge 501, Setagaya, Tokyo 158-0093, Japan, 世田谷區, 東京, 日本, 158-0093

★In order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and provide a safe accommodation to our guests, we will sanitize and ventilate the whole apartment aft