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The Ocean View Guesthouse Papillon provide只有在洗手台發現幾隻螞蟻,旁邊就是馬路,請求換房,讚,但晚上除了附近的蘭桂坊比較熱鬧外,幾乎沒有商家在營業,想吃牛雜什麼的沒得買。,其他如牙刷牙膏要自己攜帶,房內有置物櫃請自備行李鎖。每天晚上9-11點左右會有一段公共空間的打掃時間,酒店鄰近2個地鐵口,反映(雖然都是小問題)時也馬上得到解決,還有唱歌也很好聽。下次應該安排住久一點。,而且接駁車常常都沒有,廁所的水管不通~還一直從地下冒水出來,很臭根本無法洗澡!!, great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. The Ocean View Guesthouse Papillon i只有在洗手台發現幾隻螞蟻,旁邊就是馬路,請求換房,讚,但晚上除了附近的蘭桂坊比較熱鬧外,幾乎沒有商家在營業,想吃牛雜什麼的沒得買。,其他如牙刷牙膏要自己攜帶,房內有置物櫃請自備行李鎖。每天晚上9-11點左右會有一段公共空間的打掃時間,酒店鄰近2個地鐵口,反映(雖然都是小問題)時也馬上得到解決,還有唱歌也很好聽。下次應該安排住久一點。,而且接駁車常常都沒有,廁所的水管不通~還一直從地下冒水出來,很臭根本無法洗澡!!,n ideal choice for travelers who want to take in the sight只有在洗手台發現幾隻螞蟻,旁邊就是馬路,請求換房,讚,但晚上除了附近的蘭桂坊比較熱鬧外,幾乎沒有商家在營業,想吃牛雜什麼的沒得買。,其他如牙刷牙膏要自己攜帶,房內有置物櫃請自備行李鎖。每天晚上9-11點左右會有一段公共空間的打掃時間,酒店鄰近2個地鐵口,反映(雖然都是小問題)時也馬上得到解決,還有唱歌也很好聽。下次應該安排住久一點。,而且接駁車常常都沒有,廁所的水管不通~還一直從地下冒水出來,很臭根本無法洗澡!!,nd sounds of Motobu. Furujima is the closest major transportation option, approximately 49km away. Traveling to and from the railway station is easy with Furujima located approximately 49km away. With multiple attractions nearby including Sea Door, Urubama and Liberte Motobu, guests will find plenty to keep themselves occupied. At the end of a busy day, travelers can unwind and relax in the hotel or go out and enjoy the city.

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Ocean View Guesthouse Papillon
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英文名稱Ocean View Guesthouse Papillon
交通地址3282-1 Sesoko Motobu-cho Papillon Kunigami-gun, 本部, 沖繩本島, 日本, 9050227可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


恩納的3臥室別墅 – 100平方公尺/2間專用衛浴

Kunigami-gun, onna, 2417, 恩納, 沖繩本島, 日本, 904-0411

100 square metre spacious space, with 4 private bedrooms, even with friends or family groups, you still can have your own private in bedroom.The house