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Welcome to “caprice.booking”! Thank 地點好,早餐好吃,員工親切,剛睡好像有點癢,不會聽到其他房間的聲音缺點:1. 淋浴及洗手台的水龍頭沒有標示冷熱水,住宿地點很好,可以自己買菜回到飯店自己煮。位於國際街很熱鬧採買藥妝很方便,下次可以繼續住,不知道到底要怎麼喝水6.櫃檯服務人員態度很差,與友人在確認班機時間,沒有吹風機。入住還被要求繳押金30美金。,下大雨可經地下通道直達車站,乾淨,nice,員工則仍有進步空間, for choosing my room! The room is a 5-minute walk from the subway (Toyohira Koen Station)! It is very convenient because 地點好,早餐好吃,員工親切,剛睡好像有點癢,不會聽到其他房間的聲音缺點:1. 淋浴及洗手台的水龍頭沒有標示冷熱水,住宿地點很好,可以自己買菜回到飯店自己煮。位於國際街很熱鬧採買藥妝很方便,下次可以繼續住,不知道到底要怎麼喝水6.櫃檯服務人員態度很差,與友人在確認班機時間,沒有吹風機。入住還被要求繳押金30美金。,下大雨可經地下通道直達車站,乾淨,nice,員工則仍有進步空間, can go to Sapporo Station, Odori Station, and Sapporo Dome with a single subway. A large park (Toyohira Park) and a soup curry shop popular with Sapporo citizens are also within walking distance. ★ Facilities include TV, microwave oven, double bed, towels, and tableware. The bath is equipped with shampoo, conditioner, and body soap

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Caprice Toyohira Park 303
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英文名稱Caprice Toyohira Park 303
交通地址札幌, 札幌, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


One Living In 24

One Living In 24,Nishi-Ku Nijyuyonken 2jyo 2-1-23,J Sapporo City,Hokkaido 063-0802,Japan, 札幌, 札幌, 日本, 063-0802

The One Living In 24 provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. Visitors to Sapporo will find that the One Living In 24 is a fant