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“Very convenient location, excellent a各方面都非常棒,泳池及海灘周邊都相當的舒適放鬆,有任何的需求都可以立刻滿足您! 在海邊聽著海浪的聲音按摩,真的是一大享受!,離南浦洞站近 除了隔音真的很不好以這個價位可以住到離鬧區近的 算CP值高,如果要去walking street可以自己走路,飯店幫忙訂車的那位司機,到機場後收的錢和飯店說的價錢多了10令吉,有請飯店叫車需注意一下。,Cp值高,性價比高,客服也錯,推薦這家飯店,樂於助人,ss from the airport” It is a 3-minute walk from Higashi Matsudo Dori, 38 minutes by train from Narita Airport, and 65 minutes from Haneda Airport. You can spend a relaxing time at this self-check-in hotel in a quiet area. You can spend your time comfortably in a room equipped with an elevator, dining table and office table. In-room Wi-Fi is also available free of charge. In addition to luxurious design and decoration, we also offer high-quality facilities unique to luxury hotels. Please have a good time at our facility. Customer support service is available in a wide range of languages such as Japanese, Chinese, English, and Korean. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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HM-ReLa Higashi Matsudo
HM-ReLa Higashi Matsudo房間照片
英文名稱HM-ReLa Higashi Matsudo
交通地址ReLA Higashimatsudo Higashimatsudo 1-3-2 Matsudo, 松戶, 柏市, 日本, 2702225可向店家詢問交通與停車問題



1 Chome-3-2 Higashimatsudo, Matsudo, Chiba, 松戶, 柏市, 日本, 270-2225