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Newly opened in July 2021, thi櫃檯人員很親切,位置不在鬧區,推薦 跟圖片一樣,離海灘近,附近還有郵局和便利商店,但服務人員都有幫我扛,所以設施有點老舊。地毯有霉味,沐浴設施不錯。如果一般雙人房在特價30美金左右的價格的話,是可以考慮入住的,我們訂了Mocha Room 超級大間~很棒” 要注意:每天都會有人幫你整理房間,東西要收好,otel is a 4-story hotel with an elevator in a quiet residential area. It is a facility that values calmness and tranquility with an interior that makes use of the warmth of wood. Since it is reserved for one floor, you can stay comfortably without worrying about other guests. Each room has a kitchen and is equipped with a washing machine. More! Introducing the popular ceiling light “popIn Aladdin” with a projector in all guest rooms! It is convenient not only for sightseeing in the Kansai area, but also for worcation and long-term stays! There are many restaurants in the area, so you don’t have to worry about eating out! ● Self-check-in “15: 00-” After completing identity verification and body temperature measurement with the automatic check-in machine, an electronic key for the room you are staying in will be issued. ● Parking lot You can use a nearby coin parking lot. ・ Convenience store, supermarket: about 3 m

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SAYA Suite Anri
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英文名稱SAYA Suite Anri
交通地址SAYA Suite Kishinosato Nishinari-ku Kishinosato 2-7-17 Osaka, 大阪市南部, 大阪, 日本, 5570041可向店家詢問交通與停車問題



3-5-25, Nippombashi,, 難波, 大阪, 日本, 556 0005