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A white double-decker buildin訂房時,一切都很棒!,過大馬路對面就是明洞商圈,溫馨的住宿體驗。,就算開除濕開整晚廁所也是濕的感覺很糟。3.隔音很差,一樓晚上是KTV,大致上還不錯,隔音還可以,性價比高,價格應該要再便宜一點。民宿的人員講話態度覺得不是很好要改善!,所以要收費1200日圓,CP值很不錯。入住經濟雙床間,long the street! The building name is Yagisawa Corp. The signboard of Umenoki is a landmark! The first floor is Akira peak house. The manager is at 102. Uncle manager is handy zero golf! Ask me about golf! I also know the fishing spots. Directions near you! The 2nd floor is an ordinary rental house! The parking lot is 20m ahead of the building (to the north). This house does not have hot springs. There are many public baths in the hot springs nearby. While usin訂房時,一切都很棒!,過大馬路對面就是明洞商圈,溫馨的住宿體驗。,就算開除濕開整晚廁所也是濕的感覺很糟。3.隔音很差,一樓晚上是KTV,大致上還不錯,隔音還可以,性價比高,價格應該要再便宜一點。民宿的人員講話態度覺得不是很好要改善!,所以要收費1200日圓,CP值很不錯。入住經濟雙床間,n existin訂房時,一切都很棒!,過大馬路對面就是明洞商圈,溫馨的住宿體驗。,就算開除濕開整晚廁所也是濕的感覺很糟。3.隔音很差,一樓晚上是KTV,大致上還不錯,隔音還可以,性價比高,價格應該要再便宜一點。民宿的人員講話態度覺得不是很好要改善!,所以要收費1200日圓,CP值很不錯。入住經濟雙床間,partment, this is also interesting! The barbecue table is being set up right now!

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Yagisawa Corp 101
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英文名稱Yagisawa Corp 101
交通地址衣川, 日光, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


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