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About 20 minutes by car fro服務態度也不錯!附近有兩三家超商很方便,房間乾淨,很多壁虎 昆蟲 。早餐很少選擇!,預了在市區內沒景觀,在大雨中被收留,我們因為其他飯店的疏失,後來找到了這家。這家旅館因為也沒房間,飯店設施就普普了。,若對MiniBar有任何疑問需要立即向櫃台反應。,房內有小廚房,有早餐,iyako Airport. If you cross the Kurima Bridge, you will arrive at the small “Kurimajima” nestled in the beautiful blue sea of Miyako. Enjoy a tropical holiday on a quiet and healing island. Garden BBQ is also OK ♪ ~ Surrounding information ~ * There are many popular restaurants within walking distance There are also fashionable cafes, soba shops, and general merchandise shops. * Family Mart Shimoten: Approximately 9 minutes by car

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AILAI Kurimajima Island
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英文名稱AILAI Kurimajima Island
交通地址AILAI kurimajima Shimoji Kurima 59-1 Airai Miyakojima, 都島, 都島, 日本, 9060306可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


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Higashinakasonezoe2928-2, 都島, 都島, 日本

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will find a place of peace and quiet, where you can enjoy all the flavors of life in serenity. Surrou