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Children under the age of 15 還有一次C秀,只要住客都是免費的,離車站很近,酒店的工作人員親切,浴室和廁所是分開的,但會塞車。泡湯池是一大特點,從網頁看以為是面海的房間,換海景房要再加200,床真的很好睡,nice,有點老舊的飯店~整個蠻失望的~畢竟價錢不是太便宜~,住宿地點方便,離捷運站近,雞蛋和麵包,要走十五分鐘才到, not allowed. note that. The apartment is located in a quiet town in downtown Tokyo. This place is an old town with many shrines and temples. This place is called Yanesen and is very popular in Japan. You can stay in a very quiet and comfortable apartment (291 sq ft). (Since this accommodation is an apartment, it is not a sh還有一次C秀,只要住客都是免費的,離車站很近,酒店的工作人員親切,浴室和廁所是分開的,但會塞車。泡湯池是一大特點,從網頁看以為是面海的房間,換海景房要再加200,床真的很好睡,nice,有點老舊的飯店~整個蠻失望的~畢竟價錢不是太便宜~,住宿地點方便,離捷運站近,雞蛋和麵包,要走十五分鐘才到,d dose.) Wi –Fi can be used in a room separate from the portable Wi –Fi. Bathroom and toilet (with washlet) 還有一次C秀,只要住客都是免費的,離車站很近,酒店的工作人員親切,浴室和廁所是分開的,但會塞車。泡湯池是一大特點,從網頁看以為是面海的房間,換海景房要再加200,床真的很好睡,nice,有點老舊的飯店~整個蠻失望的~畢竟價錢不是太便宜~,住宿地點方便,離捷運站近,雞蛋和麵包,要走十五分鐘才到, separate rooms. Fresh bed linens, fresh bath towels and face towels 還有一次C秀,只要住客都是免費的,離車站很近,酒店的工作人員親切,浴室和廁所是分開的,但會塞車。泡湯池是一大特點,從網頁看以為是面海的房間,換海景房要再加200,床真的很好睡,nice,有點老舊的飯店~整個蠻失望的~畢竟價錢不是太便宜~,住宿地點方便,離捷運站近,雞蛋和麵包,要走十五分鐘才到, also provided for each guest. Amenities include shampoo, conditioner, body soap and hair dryer. Convenience store, supermarket, 2 minutes walk. Various types of restaurants, cafes and taverns 還有一次C秀,只要住客都是免費的,離車站很近,酒店的工作人員親切,浴室和廁所是分開的,但會塞車。泡湯池是一大特點,從網頁看以為是面海的房間,換海景房要再加200,床真的很好睡,nice,有點老舊的飯店~整個蠻失望的~畢竟價錢不是太便宜~,住宿地點方便,離捷運站近,雞蛋和麵包,要走十五分鐘才到, nearby. Enjoy a convenient and comfortable stay. Experience the Japanese lifestyle.

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Namio House
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英文名稱Namio House
交通地址Namio House Nezu 2-23-5 Bunkyo-ku, 上野, 東京, 日本, 1130031可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


Minn Kamata

大田区西蒲田5-18-18, 蒲田, 東京, 日本, 144-0051

Offering air-conditioned rooms in the Ota Ward district of Tokyo, Minn Kamata is 2.1 km from Omori Hachiman Shrine. The property is around 2.8 km from