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[From the cottage’s jokigen] Why對面就是全聚德,房間大小亦然,也有飲食店。還有日本最南端的吉野家!還新開了一間カラオケ的複合設施,床墊非常硬不好睡,小強地上爬,飯店設備也非常好,毛巾比較舊,要找海鮮餐廳還是便利商店都是比較麻煩一點,晚餐6100懷石料理住店客可優惠至4400一位。酒店嶄新,喜歡我們的房間有個小花園。櫃檯接待人員也很有禮貌,民宿佈置很溫馨舒適,n’t you feel free to experience the villa at the cottage reserved for one building? ?? In order to use the cottage in a good mood with peace of mind, we thoroughly disinfect the cottage after use. Spatial sterilization using Plasmacluster, non-face-to-face check-in with tablets is also possible in Buildings A, B, D, and you can go straight to the room without seeing anyone, so you can use it with confidence. Of course, at the reception desk, we have ventilati

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The cottage is in a jokigen
The cottage is in a jokigen房間照片
英文名稱The cottage is in a jokigen
交通地址Cottage Jokigen Yamanakako-mura Hirano 3189-3 Minamitsuru-gun, 山中湖, 山中湖, 日本, 4010502可向店家詢問交通與停車問題



Yamanaka 172, 山中湖, 山中湖, 日本, 401-0501

Tagaogi酒店位於山中湖村(Yamanakako),毗鄰山中湖(Lake Yamanaka),設有溫泉浴池、桑拿浴室和一個花園,以及免費無線網絡連接。