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★ Free WiFi connection ★ E去九曲洞只能搭公車或是騎車玩,要花點時間摸索(穿越涵洞)。飯店入口需要從人行道走上六、七階樓梯,空間也算大,服務非常周到,但清潔方面需要再加強,老闆很用心維護環境,大街上的喇叭聲不絕於耳,浴室很大很舒適^^,性價比來說算高的!推!,喜歡這家飯店,因為,又住三樓, access to ferry ports to Naoshima, Shodoshima, and Teshima. Excellent location for business and sightseeing! ★ This is a condominium style facility. The room is fully equipped with a private bathroom, toilet, kitchen and washroom. It is 1R of 31.22㎡. With system kitchen! We have 2 single beds and 1 sofa bed. A guest-only microwave oven, refrigerator, washing machine, and vacuum cleaner are installed in the room. We also have simple cooking utensils, so it is

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Alphabed Takamatsu Furujinmachi – 1001
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英文名稱Alphabed Takamatsu Furujinmachi – 1001
交通地址高松, 高松, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


Alphabed Takamatsu Kozai-Ekimae

Citylack Takamatsu A Bldg., 2022-1, Tsuruichi-cho, Takamatsu city, Kagawa 761-8032, Japan, 高松, 高松, 日本, 761-8032

Situated in a world famous region for Bonsai potted plants, it is a serviced apartment accommodation complete with furniture, home electric appliances