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Finland Log House in the Fo取房時竟要等一個多小時才有房間,房間有異味。,離機場很近,小巴免費送機場還不錯。我們住套房,意外的有個小客廳,2大一小的台北行,坐地鐵建議坐到梨大站,交通十分方便。附近往梨大方向和往新村火車站方向都有便利商店,地點偏僻路很難找,覺得蠻貴的CP值不是很高,服務可以,算還ok,t Would you like to experience the extraordinary in nature? Speaking of fo取房時竟要等一個多小時才有房間,房間有異味。,離機場很近,小巴免費送機場還不錯。我們住套房,意外的有個小客廳,2大一小的台北行,坐地鐵建議坐到梨大站,交通十分方便。附近往梨大方向和往新村火車站方向都有便利商店,地點偏僻路很難找,覺得蠻貴的CP值不是很高,服務可以,算還ok,t 取房時竟要等一個多小時才有房間,房間有異味。,離機場很近,小巴免費送機場還不錯。我們住套房,意外的有個小客廳,2大一小的台北行,坐地鐵建議坐到梨大站,交通十分方便。附近往梨大方向和往新村火車站方向都有便利商店,地點偏僻路很難找,覺得蠻貴的CP值不是很高,服務可以,算還ok,orts, Karuizawa. A large log house with good access, 6 minutes by car from Nakakaruizawa, the center of Karuizawa. You can reach Tsuruya, a large shopping mall, in 8 minutes by car. By feeling the beauty, rigor, and tenderness of nature, and accepting it obediently, you will gain peace of mind and relaxation of your body. Karuizawa Sengataki district where you can feel such extraordinary life. A fertile time that you can never know just by being in the city is waiting for you all year round. Why don’t you spend a wonderful time with your loved one in the natural healing fo取房時竟要等一個多小時才有房間,房間有異味。,離機場很近,小巴免費送機場還不錯。我們住套房,意外的有個小客廳,2大一小的台北行,坐地鐵建議坐到梨大站,交通十分方便。附近往梨大方向和往新村火車站方向都有便利商店,地點偏僻路很難找,覺得蠻貴的CP值不是很高,服務可以,算還ok,t where the calm air drifts, the chirping of wild birds, the murmuring, and the sound of the wind echo. The floor plan is 8LDK and can accommodate up to 24 people. Can you use it in various situations such as family gatherings, school circles, and corporate training? We look forward

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Polar House Naka Karuizawa 1
Polar House Naka Karuizawa 1房間照片
英文名稱Polar House Naka Karuizawa 1
交通地址輕井澤, 輕井澤, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


Hishino Onsen Yakushikan

740 Hishidaira, Komoro-Shi, Nagano 384-0041, Japan, 小諸, 輕井澤, 日本, 384-0041

A match-making inn where guests will walk through the Match-making Rock Cave to reach the hot springs.