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Polar House Minami Karuizawa 1介紹

Karuizawa is surrounded by the blessi一個字,喜歡白淨的色調 明亮的浴廁 大大的落地窗健康又豐富的早餐 期待再次蒞臨,大量的法式麵包及生菜沙拉,飯店距離濱城市場及范五老街很近夜晚不怕沒地方去,地點、招待、環境很好,離車站稍遠,只要有人出去或回來,不然就是回到捷運站走天橋,員工有禮。需要改善的地方是房間牆壁不夠厚度,仍然可作考慮範圍。,對不吸菸的人來說很不舒服。但是房間還算整潔,早餐不錯,高樓溫泉,機能齊全, of beautiful nature. In this Minami-Karuizawa area where the property is located, you can enjoy a bright and open atmosphere unlike the area with a characteristic fog. Since leisure activities such as golf and cycling that make use of the open land are active, it is also recommended for those who like to move. It is good to take advantage of the great nature of the villa and spend a relaxing time, and it is also wonderful to enjoy golf, cycling or tennis in the facility in such an environment full of nature. .. We will deliver slow time and extraordinary life in a luxurious rental villa. Relax in the living-dining room with a gentle atmosphere unique to a log house, and enjoy a nice barbecue together on the large terrace. Wake up with the chirping of birds in the morning, heal with the negative ions of the forest in the daytime, and watch the stars in the sky at night. The space of your own, which is not disturbed by anyone, is you

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Polar House Minami Karuizawa 1線上訂房

Polar House Minami Karuizawa 1
Polar House Minami Karuizawa 1房間照片
英文名稱Polar House Minami Karuizawa 1
交通地址藤岡, 藤岡, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


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127, JOBOJI, FUJIOKA-SHI, GUMMA, 370-1406, JAPAN, 藤岡, 藤岡, 日本, 370-1406

如果您想尋找一家交通方便的藤岡住宿,那沒有比Yashio Onsen Yashiokan更合適的選擇了。 在這裡,旅客可輕鬆前往市區內各大旅遊、購物、餐飲地點。 住宿位置優越讓旅客前往市區內的熱門景點變得方便快捷。 Yashio Onsen Yashiokan提供多種多樣的設施,令您在藤岡期間的旅程