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★ Area ★ -68m² -Capacit雖然不像一般大飯店那麼多樣但是非常夠吃,下次會再考慮入住。,住機場附近飯店,方便隔天進市區。,食物一般,但不會吵,房間乾淨簡單,茶都很好喝,早餐和晚餐都很豐富,房間打開都是消毒水的味道,桌上還有殺蟲劑,還說什麼因為跟大媽語言不通,0 people * If you have children, you can stay over the capacity, but in that case it may feel a little small. If you want to come along with everyone, it’s an ant! * Please note that we do not have linen amenities for children. ★ General ★ -Fully reserved -4 bedrooms -With balcony -Kitchen space -Bath and toilet completely separate room -No smoking > ★ Bed information ★ Semi-double bed x 6 Mattress x 2 ★ Kitchen equipment ★ -Pot, sp

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Atami Kaikotei 202
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英文名稱Atami Kaikotei 202
交通地址熱海, 熱海, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


5min from station Breathtaking View House

伊豆高原, 熱海, 日本

Private house located in Izu plateau .Enjoy the stunning view from every room and holds up to 16 ppl.350m from Futo station3 parking space on the site