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Guest House Re-worth Yabacho1 – 401介紹

It is a very convenient place withi環境優良整潔,最吸引頂層的旋轉酒樓,對面有24小時joyfull餐廳,去越鋼出差唯一首選~只是吃飯比較不方便,但味道很好!天台酒店也十分好!早餐十分好,上午可以曬太陽!,設施不能跟新房子的比,其中有一位小哥會講中文,熱水很熱這很重要,下次有機會會吃看看他們的早餐。5.唯一缺點應該就是浴室浴缸那應該用簾子遮住,水會噴到外面,房間內光源亮些會更好,alking distance to Sakae. It will be a 4-story building that can accommodate up to 38 people. We will give you an access guide and a tourist guide after making a reservation. You can arrive with peace of mind without getting lost. The tourist guide introduces all Nagoya specialties and shops related to daily life withi環境優良整潔,最吸引頂層的旋轉酒樓,對面有24小時joyfull餐廳,去越鋼出差唯一首選~只是吃飯比較不方便,但味道很好!天台酒店也十分好!早餐十分好,上午可以曬太陽!,設施不能跟新房子的比,其中有一位小哥會講中文,熱水很熱這很重要,下次有機會會吃看看他們的早餐。5.唯一缺點應該就是浴室浴缸那應該用簾子遮住,水會噴到外面,房間內光源亮些會更好,alking distance. You can stay without any inconvenience for long-term stays or family use.

Guest House Re-worth Yabacho1 – 401評價與心得

Guest House Re-worth Yabacho1 – 401線上訂房

Guest House Re-worth Yabacho1 – 401
Guest House Re-worth Yabacho1 - 401房間照片
英文名稱Guest House Re-worth Yabacho1 – 401
交通地址榮, 名古屋, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


金山的1臥室公寓 – 29平方公尺/1間專用衛浴

金山, 名古屋, 日本

~Easily accessible to Nagoya station & Chubu international airport~★The nearest station is “Kanayama” and “Higashibetsuin” station.From Kanayama s