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AOCA Kaminoge – THE AOCA TOKYO Kaminoge 402介紹

At this facility, all gue英文較難溝通,可利用飯店免費腳踏車遊湖,非常棒的經驗,要壓護照。住房的價格不會很貴cp值很高。附近有兩家便利商店可以買。走路去海灘只要5分鐘。,很有復古設計風格,飯店設施一應俱全,而且很乾淨,性價比不錯,都會只想待在裡面了,早餐裡的炒蛋都會等你到在做,rooms are cleaned with alcohol and adequate ventilation when leaving the room so that customers can use the facility with peace of mind, and the facility is used by installing a disinfectant solution at the entrance. We are taking measures such as guiding customers. AOCA KAMINOGE is a holiday flat that offers a unique accommodation experience that meets the cultural needs of guests, with the concept of a 24-hour museum. Roster is an arti英文較難溝通,可利用飯店免費腳踏車遊湖,非常棒的經驗,要壓護照。住房的價格不會很貴cp值很高。附近有兩家便利商店可以買。走路去海灘只要5分鐘。,很有復古設計風格,飯店設施一應俱全,而且很乾淨,性價比不錯,都會只想待在裡面了,早餐裡的炒蛋都會等你到在做,who draws abstract painting and calligraphy and creates the theme of how to find freedom in style. Since the 90’s, he has been active and constructed a graphic language called “Graphics” as a painting. Rostarr is widely known for his collaborations with “Diesel” and “NIKE”, the award for the “NIKE” campaign in “MOMA”, and the paint live at the Pompidou Center in Paris. Participated in an exhibition that toured cities around the world in the movie “Beautiful Losers,” which can be said to be the gold standard of

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AOCA Kaminoge – THE AOCA TOKYO Kaminoge 402線上訂房

AOCA Kaminoge – THE AOCA TOKYO Kaminoge 402
AOCA Kaminoge - THE AOCA TOKYO Kaminoge 402房間照片
英文名稱AOCA Kaminoge – THE AOCA TOKYO Kaminoge 402
交通地址世田谷區, 東京, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


新宿的1臥室公寓 – 26平方公尺/1間專用衛浴

新宿, 東京, 日本

The apartment is only a 4 minute walk from Higashi-Shinjuku (East-Shinjuku) Station, and a 8-10 minute walk (650m) from the JR Shin-Okubo Station. Thi