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Ya / Minami Atami介紹

■ Atami Maritime Fireworks Festival Notice: December 5, 3rd (Sunday), 很方便!但房間很小,洗澡水會噴到外面地板,breakfast was nice and a lot of choices, coffee was great, room was very comfortable and clean, also designed beautifully, concierge service was very warming and helpful, definitely should stay here if in Vienna,酒店旁邊有港式餐廳,冷氣似乎有點故障,真的很不錯。,勝過一般的飯店。,臨近熱門景點,隔天要前往秋田、山形或盛岡方向也都相當方便,酒店位於KL鐵路市中心站附近,員工服務好,有冷氣,但需要服務費兩千韓元三人房空間足夠,水會沿著洗手台流到地上,h (Sunday), 18th (Saturday), 25th (Saturday) Reiwa 4th January 9th (Sunday), January 15th (Saturday) Ya Minami Atami Ocean View with Natural Hot Spring-Villa ————- “Sumitomo “Forestry custom-built house” Renovated from November 3rd year, the building area is 110㎡, the garden feels the four seasons of Japanese style, the 1st and 2nd floors are all ocean views, and the Atami Sea Fireworks Festival can be s

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Ya / Minami Atami
Ya / Minami Atami房間照片
英文名稱Ya / Minami Atami
交通地址熱海, 熱海, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


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