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Polar Resort Shin Karuizawa 1介紹

Have a luxurious holiday for your body and soul. 靠近bts,可以直接步行至心齋橋!,Laguna 整個區域是由七、八家旅館所組成, 因此大區域的環境整潔並且安全。區域內也有商場與飲食中心, 購物、用餐都十分方便。The Laguna Resort & Spa 緊靠著海灘, 並且面向東方, 早晨的日出一定不能錯過。,整潔,前台服務員態度友善,餐廳內煮雞蛋女服務員態度非常差,大堂及早餐區沒空調,习惯吃夜宵不想出去的慵懒朋友们可以享受。早餐非常美味,房間很舒服,吹風機也是大隻的,很舒服乾淨的居住環境,鬧中取靜,非常大的床,非常好睡~~~~,omfortable home-style rental villa where you can spend a special time in silence. The comfort of feeling the refined nature with all five senses, away from the hustle and bustle. A natural appearance that blends in with the scenery of the four seasons. Polar Resort Shin-Karuizawa 1 is simple and unadorned, with a high-quality design that only the real thing has. The richness of a relaxing resort life is here. One of the attractions is the ample facilities that allow long-term stays and the spaciousness. BBQ on the balcony with fresh green and refreshing breeze in spring In the daytime on a summer day, I took a nap while feeling the breeze coming in from the open window. Under the autumn leaves, my favorite book while swaying in a hammock In winter, rumbling beside the flames that sway in the living room The coldness of the air, the smell of trees, and the fog. The “special air” that exists only in Karuizawa, wh

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Polar Resort Shin Karuizawa 1
Polar Resort Shin Karuizawa 1房間照片
英文名稱Polar Resort Shin Karuizawa 1
交通地址輕井澤, 輕井澤, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


Polar House Canadian Nishi Karuizawa 1

輕井澤, 輕井澤, 日本

The moment you see it, you will want to go here. This spacious large house is “warm” in a nutshell! First of all, this place named Ohinata. An orang