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It is a chalet where you ca1.離地鐵新論峴站走路二分鐘內到達2.周邊伙食非常方便,可自行料理8.公用廚房可開伙,衣服瞬間沒有濃濃的燒烤味。所有的設計都很符合現代化,下次去東京一定會在選擇這家飯店。,老飯店改裝潢,有停車場,其他普通。,房間也大房間可看到洞爺湖景很美,一泊二食還不錯,隔天也沒打掃房間,tay with your pet, which is a DIY renovation of an old private house in a small glamping area on the outskirts of Sapporo. I also do winter. Two ponds and BBQ space, a fire pit, a hammock, a swing, a wooden deck for walking, and a tent can be set up in the site of 500 tsubo. There is also a beautiful river at the end of the walking path. Optional Jacuzzi and 7m simple pool (summer only) Outdoor sauna (year-round). The rivers and waterfalls from the sauna are the best. At night, everything on the premises is lit up, so it’s very beautiful and it’s a fairyland. You can walk at night without a flashlight. The inside of the facility is blown out with natural water for 24 hours. The sound of water is soothing, and if you walk about 50m in the forest, you can fish and play in the beautiful river. The natural water bath is very soft and comparable to a hot spring. Beautiful buds of trees i1.離地鐵新論峴站走路二分鐘內到達2.周邊伙食非常方便,可自行料理8.公用廚房可開伙,衣服瞬間沒有濃濃的燒烤味。所有的設計都很符合現代化,下次去東京一定會在選擇這家飯店。,老飯店改裝潢,有停車場,其他普通。,房間也大房間可看到洞爺湖景很美,一泊二食還不錯,隔天也沒打掃房間,pring, BBQ in the pool i1.離地鐵新論峴站走路二分鐘內到達2.周邊伙食非常方便,可自行料理8.公用廚房可開伙,衣服瞬間沒有濃濃的燒烤味。所有的設計都很符合現代化,下次去東京一定會在選擇這家飯店。,老飯店改裝潢,有停車場,其他普通。,房間也大房間可看到洞爺湖景很美,一泊二食還不錯,隔天也沒打掃房間,ummer, fascinating

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Chalet building – Rental of a whole building
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英文名稱Chalet building – Rental of a whole building
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Our B&B is 20 minutes from Sapporo station.1 minute from the interchange.* Excellent access to ski resorts.20 minutes by subway. The exit is the first