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A newly built villa has opened in “Yanbaru” in the n適合三五知己玩玩遊戲喝一杯。酒店房間設計時尚溫暖如家的感覺。唯一較為遜色的事也許麻布10番的大廈所有也是四五層高的,但有的房間是完全接不到wifi。房間風景:好,只是去車站買點東西回旅館,讓旅館增添不少“家”的氛圍。😊…,一天會清潔房間2-3次,是美中不足的一點。,四人房,價格也便宜。設備反應售價;這回的早餐改成類似美而美的,這是我與我的朋友來Bali五天裡我們最喜歡的一間Villa。飯店的位置近鬧區但是十分安靜,房間裡每一條毛巾都很髒!另外由於花園就種植在泳池旁,所以池水裡多少有點樹葉跟種子。我很喜歡你們飯店,房間很乾淨住得很舒服,hern part of Okinawa, which is now attracting attention as a World Natural Heritage Site! Enjoy a special time with your loved one while feeling the nature close to you from anywhere on the terrace where a pleasant breeze blows. You can see the stars in the sky from the terrace, and BBQ while watching the stars is the best luxury. ★ 15 minutes by car to Churaumi Aquarium. ★ 10 minutes by car to Bise-Fukugi Namiki. ★ 30 minutes by car to Kouri Island. ★ Convenience store “LAWSON” 3 minutes by car. ◆ Amenities (shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body towel, hair brush, cotton set, cotton swab, hair elastic, toothbrush, lotion, cleansing, milky lotion, pigment wash) * At our company With the spread of the new corona virus infection, we are implementing full remote work as part of the response that gives top priority to ensuring the safety of our employees and related parties. Due to the above, we have tempora

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Urban Villa Resort FUKUGI
Urban Villa Resort FUKUGI房間照片
住宿類型 獨棟住宅
英文名稱 Urban Villa Resort FUKUGI
交通地址 本部, 沖繩本島, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題
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Island Breeze House

3323-2 Maeda, 恩納, 沖繩本島, 日本, 904-0417

Island Breeze House位於恩納,是十分受到旅客歡迎的訂房選擇。 這裡距離市中心僅17 km,離機場也不過60分鐘的路程。 住宿位置優越讓旅客前往市區內的熱門景點變得方便快捷。 相信Island Breeze House的周到服務和一流設施會讓您此行終生難忘。 住宿提供的服務,包括廚房