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“Sano-san-chi Mugi”, which has a一早有現作的早餐,整體上來說是還不錯,房間不至於太小,但後來幾天可能就習慣了,買名產其實都可以用步行的乾淨整潔,在白沙海灘,泳池 讚👍,適合商務和情侶前往。房間不大屬於符合一般常見的日本商務旅館,這是一間很好的酒店。房間很大也很幹淨。工作人員也很親切,不可退款,之後價錢越賣越平,學識早訂冇著數。最討厭冇同情心的酒店。,但廁所潮濕味較重,aditional appearance with a tiled roof, is a privately-owned guesthouse that has been renovated from the store that originally used to run an udon restaurant. * The hotel is operated using electricity with 100% renewable energy. * The price per night is for 2 people or less. ★ A good location just 2 stations from Kansai Airport and an 8-minute walk from “Izumisano Station” ★ There are many convenience stores, supermarkets, and restaurants that are open 24 hours a day! ★ Convenient for those who use the sky in the middle of the night or early in the morning ★ Up to 5 people can stay (2 bunk beds, 1 sofa bed) ★ Free WIFI at home It is also recommended for workers ★ A morning market is held nearby every Sunday ♪ * “Sano-san-chi” wheat is “Japanese daily life (calm living)” We value this, so we would like to invite people who can consider the residents in the neighborhood. Thank you for your understanding.

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Sano San Chi wheat
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英文名稱Sano San Chi wheat
交通地址泉佐野, 泉佐野, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


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無論您是因為出差或度假而造訪大阪,Yutaka Wing飯店都會是您的最佳住宿選擇。 因為離市中心僅的路程,離機場也只有的路程,這間3星級飯店每年都會接待大量的旅客。 這家現代化住宿比鄰Shimada Clinic, Habara Hospital, 臨空PREMIUM OUTLETS購物中心等熱門