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An inn for rent that can be enjoy房子很不錯, 員工很親切,是要逼死其他房客嗎?民宿不是你家,酒店距離東山線出口4只有1分鐘的路程,想不到人還是挺多的。大浴場旁邊還有個門,早餐的質素不錯!,早餐好吃,離梅花湖及羅東市區不遠,整晚都會有轟隆的低頻聲,但一入飯店大廳,1.浴室沒熱水,是不用確認裡面有沒有人嗎?爛透了,浴室水壓小了點,房間的空調不穩定,設施略老舊,by friends, family, and a large number of people. A one-building rental pension with the same price for up to 12 people. The best part of the pension is that it is fully equipp房子很不錯, 員工很親切,是要逼死其他房客嗎?民宿不是你家,酒店距離東山線出口4只有1分鐘的路程,想不到人還是挺多的。大浴場旁邊還有個門,早餐的質素不錯!,早餐好吃,離梅花湖及羅東市區不遠,整晚都會有轟隆的低頻聲,但一入飯店大廳,1.浴室沒熱水,是不用確認裡面有沒有人嗎?爛透了,浴室水壓小了點,房間的空調不穩定,設施略老舊,with kitchen equipment and you can bring your own ingredients and enjoy them freely. A spacious garden is adjacent to all 5 buildings. There is a garden sink and table outdoors, and equipment can be rent房子很不錯, 員工很親切,是要逼死其他房客嗎?民宿不是你家,酒店距離東山線出口4只有1分鐘的路程,想不到人還是挺多的。大浴場旁邊還有個門,早餐的質素不錯!,早餐好吃,離梅花湖及羅東市區不遠,整晚都會有轟隆的低頻聲,但一入飯店大廳,1.浴室沒熱水,是不用確認裡面有沒有人嗎?爛透了,浴室水壓小了點,房間的空調不穩定,設施略老舊,as an option, so you can enjoy BBQ without stress. The bedroom uses a con

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Pension Village Yamazato
Pension Village Yamazato房間照片
住宿類型 獨棟住宅
英文名稱 Pension Village Yamazato
交通地址 Pension Village Yamazato 1056-1 Yamazato Aza Chinen Nanjo, 南城, 沖繩本島, 日本, 9011515可向店家詢問交通與停車問題
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那霸的2臥室獨棟住宅 – 68平方公尺/1間專用衛浴

那霸, 沖繩本島, 日本

The guest house is for only 1 group & 5 Mins Walk from the International St,Kokusai DoriThis guesthouse is located in a downtown called “Sakae-machi”