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Rental villa “Enman” -Hidden place of Miumi “Ezura介紹

Have you ever stayed at the same inn twice in your life? Manpaku Resort’s 冷熱水不穩。整體而言不錯,非常方便。推薦所有的人來英國可以住在這裡。,雖然要額外付出1000日元才可享受到位於天台的天空湯房家族湯,飯店設備較老舊但仍堪用,我們是早上的飛機所以前一天先到機場待命從旅館到機場走路大概十分鐘 有空橋可以走不用擔心下雨晚上機場美食街也很方便!早上可以先去櫃檯拖運行李再回飯店吃早餐,1.交通:赤坂雖然不是大站,但交通方便。2.飯店附近,餐廳,速食店跟便利商店均有,鄰近距離 步行5分鐘處也有一家24小時的超市。3.check -in 和check-out在大廳均可使用機器自助登陸。4.附近環境清幽,住宿客人品質高。,豪華房只是空間比雙人房大一點點,多付點錢原來只是可以讓多一個人同房而已,選擇了SOFITEL So 是因為酒店的設計,設計背後有自己的故事及深度,我只是透過agoda說這是我的蜜月旅遊,溝通有些問題,-building rental inn “Rental Villa” does not come into contact with staff or other guests during your stay, and is like “your own villa” without worrying about the eyes. You can stay at. There are many repeat customers who come twice or three times a year, and the purpose of the trip is to spend a “relaxing” time with another “home” existence. You are here. There are 108 rental villas scattered in the “villa area overlooking the sea” directly opposite Adventure World, making a whole “private space” that is “perfect” for a trip to avoid three crowds. We provide it. Feel the breeze of Nanki Shirahama, take a walk while looking at the sea, look up at the starry sky, and because it is a private villa, you don’t have to worry about your surroundings. How about a “journey”? About sightseeing spots from this rental villa ・ Shirahama Adventure World (14 minutes by car 6.8 km) ・ Beach “Shiraha

Rental villa “Enman” -Hidden place of Miumi “Ezura評價與心得

Rental villa “Enman” -Hidden place of Miumi “Ezura線上訂房

Rental villa “Enman” -Hidden place of Miumi “Ezura
Rental villa
英文名稱Rental villa “Enman” -Hidden place of Miumi “Ezura
交通地址白濱, 白濱, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


白濱的3臥室別墅 – 92平方公尺/1間專用衛浴

白濱, 白濱, 日本

The sea is spreads out in front of the property, and you can BBQ while watching the sunset!The parking lot is also large and 4 cars can be parked!! Th