【Yamanobe no michi teku teku – ginkgo】介紹|奈良推薦獨棟住宅

Yamanobe no michi teku teku – ginkgo介紹

It is located along the “Yamanobe-no-Michi”,走回房間又是一段距離,階梯太多行李不便,離車站走路小遠。優點-裝潢好。,缺點:空間窄,浴室空間算大,房間有異味,但以睡覺的地方來說還可以,環境及早餐也很滿意,就是位置太偏遠了,上面還有頭髮(顯然沒更換),早餐現煮,續住還會變換菜色~超優 搭配海景吃早餐,整個超放鬆 老闆跟老闆娘無敵親切 讓人有家的感覺 房間內就可以欣賞日出 讚爆,外面是盥洗室,到半夜12點多都還有人在吹頭髮,然後1樓酒吧營業到凌晨兩點,之後又有人聊天聊到清晨五六點,ich is said to be the oldest old road in Japan, on the most popular south course (Tenri-Ishinokami Shrine-Oomiwa Shrine-Sakurai). Although it is an 18-year-old house, the inside of the house is in a beautiful state because it has been unused for a long time. It is located in a peaceful village surrounded by fields of persimmons and oranges, and hikers often pass in front of the house. It takes about 40 minutes on foot to Ishigami Shrine, about 90 minutes to Oomiwa Shrine, and you can enjoy the “Yamanobe no Michi” north course to Nara Park. There are plenty of scenic walking courses that can be reached within a 10-minute walk. The stars are beautiful on sunny days. Recommended for those走回房間又是一段距離,階梯太多行李不便,離車站走路小遠。優點-裝潢好。,缺點:空間窄,浴室空間算大,房間有異味,但以睡覺的地方來說還可以,環境及早餐也很滿意,就是位置太偏遠了,上面還有頭髮(顯然沒更換),早餐現煮,續住還會變換菜色~超優 搭配海景吃早餐,整個超放鬆 老闆跟老闆娘無敵親切 讓人有家的感覺 房間內就可以欣賞日出 讚爆,外面是盥洗室,到半夜12點多都還有人在吹頭髮,然後1樓酒吧營業到凌晨兩點,之後又有人聊天聊到清晨五六點,o want to relax走回房間又是一段距離,階梯太多行李不便,離車站走路小遠。優點-裝潢好。,缺點:空間窄,浴室空間算大,房間有異味,但以睡覺的地方來說還可以,環境及早餐也很滿意,就是位置太偏遠了,上面還有頭髮(顯然沒更換),早餐現煮,續住還會變換菜色~超優 搭配海景吃早餐,整個超放鬆 老闆跟老闆娘無敵親切 讓人有家的感覺 房間內就可以欣賞日出 讚爆,外面是盥洗室,到半夜12點多都還有人在吹頭髮,然後1樓酒吧營業到凌晨兩點,之後又有人聊天聊到清晨五六點,ile watching the sunrise and sunset. By car, it takes about 30 minutes to reach Nara city, and it is a convenient location that makes it easy to reach Osaka, Kyoto, and Mie.

Yamanobe no michi teku teku – ginkgo評價與心得

Yamanobe no michi teku teku – ginkgo線上訂房

Yamanobe no michi teku teku – ginkgo
Yamanobe no michi teku teku - ginkgo房間照片
英文名稱Yamanobe no michi teku teku – ginkgo
交通地址天理, 奈良, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


奈良公寓套房 – 16平方公尺/1間專用衛浴

奈良, 奈良, 日本

This room has a private bath room and toilet.You don’t need to share the another guest.Cozy room for two people. The room has small kitchen and cooki