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-Large windows with a wide opening of 1棉花棒,超讚,挺好的,旅途中最難忘的是員工們的態度,用餐過程當我帶著吵鬧的兒子去水池看魚的時候,還為我們特製小孩的餐點,老闆熱心指引之後,充滿古早風格,住在這裡飯店可以在著名的potato head預約第一排的位置非常值得!!員工很友善 細心 貼心 無可挑剔唯一美中不足的是飯店的泳池很不OK 不過potato haed彌補了一切,以價格來說算很超值。,房間舒適地理位置好,床組很乾淨好睡,附停車場,degrees overlooking Mt. Fuji -Barbecue garden with a view of Mt. Fuji that everyone can enjoy -Was it even in winter! State-of-the-art wood-burning stove and floor heating ・ Theater-only sofa & 65inch TV for movies ・ Sightseeing bases for Atami, Izu, Mishima, and Numazu Up to 4 cars can be parked -Long-term stay is OK! A full range of cooking utensils that you can enjoy cooking ・ World heritage Nirayama reverberatory furnace ・ Izunokuni city panorama park > ・ Koma no Yu (hot spring) and other hot springs ・ Mishima Skywalk ・ Atami ・ Izu ・ Mishima ・ Numazu -Tamagoya Specialty Store TAMAGOYA Bakery -Old Folk House Cafe Wa -Vibra Vibre -Seven Eleven Minami-Hakone Diamond Land Store ・ Ace Fresh House Hatake Store ・ Maxvalu Kannami Odoi Store ・ Keiyo D2 Kannami Store

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Cottage Soramado
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英文名稱Cottage Soramado
交通地址伊豆之國, 伊豆, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


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東伊豆, 伊豆, 日本

Log house in the forest BBQ on the wooden deck Because it is in a villa area rich in nature, there is a great possibility that you can meet deer and r