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The Tomohari district of Sanuki可能是因為太晚去找住宿,以這價位來說,煮水器還殘留上位房客的水,無法好好睡覺,只是更換抹身巾和垃圾,馬桶和浴室是分開的,床很舒適適中,good!但是共用客廳的房客太吵,廚房內有飲用水,房間很泰式風,早餐不怕餓肚子,跟房間連接HDMI電視很久,沒有其他評論說的那麼糟,水壓也很足夠,購物中心內也有許多餐廳可以選擇。,ty is a quiet and calm place, sandwiched between the mountains and the coast from the Ogushi Peninsula, and the name “Hidden” is perfect. A sandy beach like a private beach spreads out in front of you, with a quiet ocean view overlooking the Ogushi Peninsula nearby and Shodoshima in the distance. Of course, you can enjoy the magnificent view from your room. Not only can you enjoy renting with your family and friends, but the quiet and calm environment is als

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Tomabari Guest House
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英文名稱Tomabari Guest House
交通地址讃岐, 讃岐, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題


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Tsudamachi , Sanuki-Shi, Kagawa, 769-2401, Japan, 讃岐, 讃岐, 日本, 769-2401

The Kuapark Tsuda Kokumin Shukusha provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. The Kuapark Tsuda Kokumin Shukusha offers a pleasan