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Polar Resort Nikko 3 with DOG介紹

Nikko is known as a famous place that coll而且還有個很大的化妝台。2.頂樓景觀很推薦,還有躺椅可以提供一邊賞景一邊聊天。3.床鋪軟硬尚可,典雅柔和,曾推薦入住的友人也很滿意,下次還會考慮入住!,晚上去很美 七點 八點天還很亮,絕佳體驗 很舒適,The owner was very nice and friendly, good service, god breakfast,則會是繞大一圈………,热水好小,非常推薦大家到這間飯店,雖然設施需要費用,s the best of artificial beauty and natural beauty. One who wanted to travel to Nikko and wanted to stay. The answering machine is always a lonely one. .. .. The voice of the dog, who is an important family of all of you, has arrived. Indeed, you are the main character of this trip. Thank you for your patience. It is fully open. Welcome to “Polar Resort Nikko 3 Withdog”

Polar Resort Nikko 3 with DOG評價與心得

Polar Resort Nikko 3 with DOG線上訂房

Polar Resort Nikko 3 with DOG
Polar Resort Nikko 3 with DOG房間照片
住宿類型 獨棟住宅
英文名稱 Polar Resort Nikko 3 with DOG
交通地址 日光, 日光, 日本可向店家詢問交通與停車問題
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Everyones house Nikko

日光, 日光, 日本

 This house was built in Showa era about 40 years ago. Typical old Japanese people’s house. You can feel and touch Japanese people’s life style. Ou